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Our Mission

Our guiding principle is to develop young girls into confident, strong, talented and beautiful athletes.


We focus on an individual approach to every student, and balanced development of skills through careful assistance and unique teaching methodic. 

We strive to bring up well-organized and harmonically developed high-level athletes to join UAE National Team and represent the country on the Olympic Games. 

We strive to enhance Uae Sports Movement and enrich the country with professional athletes through Initiatives, R&D and subsidies  towards Talented Youth. 

Our initiative " Wealth of The Future" goes in line with UAE National Agenda and UAE Centennial 2071, and targeted on increasing the amount of athletes from the UAE to represent the country on the Olympic Games and International Championships. We strive to provide suitable environment for talented for doing sports to develop their skills and increase national strength  



الجائزة من الشيخة عائشة خالد  نادي شابات القاسمي والسجايا للدعم في بطولة السباحة الأولى

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